Carina and Stefan – 1.465 days 


Their looks are smitten, their interaction´s familiar. Their feelings are deeply anchored, their souls are mates.

She enjoys his loving kisses, sinks trustfully into his arms. He loses himself being the man on her side.

It is time for togetherness, time to glory in love. Every moment´s cherished, every second counts.

1.465 days of marriage – isn´t this a beautiful reason to appoint with the great photographer Marie Bleyer to capture an ever-growing love expressively on camera?

That´s what Carina and Stefan did to celebrate their fourth anniversary of marriage.

At a lovingly arranged picnic for two they sunk into the cushions on the blanket and nibbled on fresh fruits. By using their favorite colors and decorating this scenery romantically vintage-like decorator Sabine Schwinger-Rapp from deko-raum brought seventh heaven into this park.

On this special day Carina and Stefan gave vent to their feelings and forgot the rest of the world. Photographer Marie Bleyer skillfully captured their emotion and eternalized them on amazing pictures. Here´s the result!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


FOTOGRAFIE: Marie Bleyer Fotografie
FOTOASSITENZ: Hannah Neuhuber
DEKORATION: deko-raum
KLEID: twobirds by Wedding Avenue
MAKE-UP: feengleich
LOCATION: Schloß Hernstein





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