Lazy Anniversary Shoot


The tea on the nightstand is freshly made, steaming silently in the cup. Comforting purring from the other side of the bed: pleasant, evenly and deeply relaxing.

These heartwarming images shot by Alexandria Hinders –  Everlasting Love Photography show how easygoing and cozy celebrating an anniversary can be.

Is there a better place to celebrate love than among your own apartment which mirrors your souls, huddled together in a four-poster bed listening arm in arm to the expression of purest felicity of our cats?

Dreaming together, indulging in reminiscences or planning the future within the protecting cocoon of your bedroom – these are the valuable moments that bind a young couple together.

We find it a wonderful trend to celebrate any anniversary like that. Pictures like those by the great Alexandria Hinders show how love and devotion grow and how a couple´s joint path develops over the years.

Let´s get inspired by the adorable couple Brooke and Wilhelm from  The Nomadic Newlyweds on the expressive pictures shot by Alexandria Hinders –  Everlasting Love Photography and gather ideas for your own upcoming anniversary!

Tranlsation: Marina Jenewein


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