Belinda and Rodrigo – Honeymoon on the Seychelles


Who does not dream of an unforgettable vacation at the wonderful beaches of the Seychelles?

Belinda and Rodrigo made this dream come true and spent their honeymoon on the beautiful island La Digue.

They met each other in Argentinia, when Rodrigo was a football player and Belinda had an internship-contract there. They are married for three years now and moved to Belindas home-country France.

Accidentally they met photographer Stefan Lederer on their vacation.

Together the three explored the island and stumbled into this amazing scenery for a dreamlike honeymoon-shooting.

Paradisiacal sandy beaches, a romantic sundown and a perfectly happy couple were fantastic motives for photographer Stefan Lederer to create this breathtaking world of pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




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