This love classically started at the office. Only seven days after Ana´s first day at her new job she and Daniel became a couple. And soon they decided to get married, but this time it shouldn’t be classy at all!

With nothing but love and a bridal gown in their bags the bridal couple eloped to New Zealand to exchange their wedding vows at the beach surrounded by this brilliant natural setting. If you have this breathtaking landscape as your backdrop you really don´t need any other decoration.

Always on their side: wedding photographer Carolin Voelker of Carito Photography who attended the bridal couple at their intimate ceremony with her camera. We love to dive into this fascinating natural force where love became the center of the world for the blink of an eye.

First of all, there was the getting ready at the cute beach house. A save haven for Ana and Daniel to enjoy the quiet before the storm. Taking stock of themselves one last time, looking out of the window far into the distance across New Zealand´s overwhelming landscape.

Then the bride slips into her BoHo inspired dress. Her natural bridal look matched the casual wedding at the beach perfectly. And over there at the riverside of another world under a huge tree the couple exchanged their loving and self-written vows that turned the ceremony into an unforgettable moment. Off-stage: the waves of the sea playing their wedding melody.

During sundown wedding photographer Carolin Voelker of Carito Photography captured the magic of togetherness in the middle of nowhere artfully on her camera. The soft evening light and New Zealand’s precious nature seem to unite for a romantic fling.

Yes, a private wedding like this with mother earth as witness to the marriage can be wonderful. Eloping with love, why not?

Translation: Marina Jenewein




FOTOGRAFIE: Carito Photography
TRAUREDNERIN: Celebrant Hayley Greer
KLEID: Impressionen
RINGE: Elke Mitscha
FLORISTIK: Waiheke Flower Company




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