Mella and Tobi – Tinselling in Vienna


The sun shines bright, soft wind blows. The pompous buildings of the city had woken up, shimmer and glare like never before.

Artful frescos, majestic gold and ancient ornaments, lush green and cool wet – here you see Vienna on its best behaviour.

What a prize! The great wedding-photographers OctaviaplusKlaus raffled off a honeymoon-day in the beautiful city of Vienna including dreamlike pictures of a happy pair of winners.

Mella and Tobi couldn’t believe how lucky they were when they heard about their prize. Being a bridal couple for one more time, experiencing the emotions of their wedding day once again, capturing their love on everlasting pictures once more – and all that at the most magical and most romantic places of the city.

Stylist Alexandra Condopoulus took care of captivating make-up and an adorable hair-style and florist Gabriele Jochinger of …blumengestalten created floral highlights like a bridal bouquet and boutonniere flowers.

But without the picture artists of OctaviaplusKlaus there this unique world of pictures wouldn’t exist and we had nothing to dive into with you…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: OctaviaplusKlaus
FLORISTIK: …blumengestalten
HAARE UND MAKE-UP: Alexandra Condopoulus




     OctaviaplusKlaus              Alexandra Condopoulos           …blumengestalten





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