Dreamlike Provence-feeling

Dreamlike Provence-feeling   The wonderful Provence offers a variety of beautiful locations to celebrate unforgetable and romantic weddings. With it’s great olive trees, the old ruins and the wildly growing grassland the Le Hameau des Baux spreads a perfectly romantic flair. We’re absolutely impressed by the fancy bride and her creme colored dress with the… Read more »

Elegant naturalness

Elegant naturalness Highlands Ranch Manison is a beautiful, 120 year old property in Colorado. Compared to all the other locations in this area it’s a typical manor house. The elegant charm of this historical villa inspired the fascinating photographer Laura Murray and the talented event Designer Rachel Austin to arrange this adorable bridal shooting. The… Read more »

Sensuality in perfection

Sensuality in perfection   Look how heavenly you can dream away your day… With her sense of beauty and a lot of talent Tali of Tali Hochzeitsfotografie presents dresses desiged by Perea/Rüsche and lovely hair decoration designed by La Chia Accessoires in the proper light. Combined with a classy wedding cake, sweet cupcakes and dreamlike… Read more »

Jasmin and Manuel – winterdream

Jasmin and Manuel – winterdream   An idyllic winter landscape in the Alps with its snowy-covered wooden cottages like this can be very romantic. Jasmin and Manuel enjoyed this atmosphere during a cozy after-wedding-shooting. Claudia Schwab-Pilz of Claudwolkenlos stage-managed an impressive decoration with a classy combination of wooden items and glass-elements for them. The couple… Read more »


Semperdepot – MAGICAL ATTRACTION   The Semperdepot in Vienna was built in 1877 and was used as the imperially and royally theatre scenery depot. This extraordinary location with its´ industrial and cool charm was the perfect scenery for a shooting with an artistic aspect. Combined with a beautiful couple, a gorgeous bridal gown, dreamlike floral… Read more »

A variety of inspirations for lovely barn-weddings

A variety of inspirations for lovely barn-weddings   The rustic charm of a barn-wedding with its romantic atmosphere impresses us over and over again. Sabrina Ullmann from the event-agency The Perfect Day, got inspired by the theme, too, and arranged a lovely shooting. Together with an unbelievably creative team she created a breathtaking wedding-scenery colored… Read more »

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ovely pastel-colored inspirations

ovely pastel-colored inspirations   We always get carried away when we see creations of one of the many talented and creative teams that arrange detailed wedding inspirations with a lot of heart and passion like this. Look at the many beautiful details we discovered here! The whole scenery was designed with tender pastel-colors like cream… Read more »

Mikal and Cody
 - diy-wedding inspirations

Mikal and Cody
 – diy-wedding inspirations Mikal and Cody dreamed of a rustic party with a do-it-yourself-character and without any formal pressure. For the ceremony they enhanced the chosen barn with self-made paper-flowers. Chains of lights were hanging from the ceiling and vases were placed on trunks. The bride wore an adorable dress and a… Read more »

Dreamy inspirations for outdoor-weddings

Dreamy inspirations for outdoor-weddings   Once again we have some awesome wedding-inspirations for you today. The talented team of Sunshine & Confetti created this enchanting shooting among the romantic scenery of the beautiful Farm Coorabella House in Byron Bay, Australia.It offers lovely ideas for all bridal couples who dream of an outdoor-wedding. Cute decoration items… Read more »

Inspirationboard in blue und green colors

Inspirationboard in blue und green colors From Chelsea LaVere of Tidewater and Tulle: It was wonderful receiving an email from Susanne asking for me to share a bit of my local area because on my mother’s side of the family, I come from Hamburg and that has been a place that I soon hope to… Read more »

Inspirationboard - water MEETS LAND

Inspirationboard – water MEETS LAND We are realy glad and proud, to present the very talented Chelsea La Vere of Tidewater and Tulle. She designed this wonderfull inspirationboard with this magnificent green and oceanblue tints for us. From Chelsea: “It was wonderful receiving an email from Susanne asking for me to share a bit of… Read more »

Anna Campbell – Wedding gowns in its´ most beautiful art form

Anna Campbell – Wedding gowns in its´ most beautiful art form   Nothing is as sensual as love. Except maybe a wedding gown that knows how to unify the beauty of big emotions. With tempting silhouettes, dreamlike luxurious fabrics and adorably beautiful details the Australian designer Anna Campbell is leading us into the world of… Read more »

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Joe and Laura – autumnal romantic

Joe and Laura – autumnal romantic It was a cozy day in November at the Kilshane House in Tipperary, Ireland, when Sona of Inspired by Love pointed her camera at the loving couple Joe and Laura. She couldn´t have caught this wonderful autumnal romantic any better on pictures. Joe and Laura look naturally beautiful and… Read more »

Annie and Ihno – a day at the beach

Annie and Ihno – a day at the beach   “A day at the beach” – that´s the theme of Annies and Ihnos lovely arranged wedding on the island Sylt in the North Sea. The two got engaged on this island and wanted to celebrate their promises of marriage here, between wonderful thatched houses and… Read more »

Michaela Römer – passionate goldsmith master

Michaela Römer – passionate goldsmith master   It´s always a great pleasure for us to marvel at the extraordinary artworks of goldsmith master Michaela Römer. In every single piece of jewelry you can see with how much love and passion she creates her crafts. She´s perfect for wedding-couples who are looking for individuality combined with… Read more »