When Melanie Nedelko from Wiener Wohnsinn recently recreated her corridor and put the focus on a picture named „Svende” by Billy & Hells I was fascinated right away by this expressive portrait. Billy & Hells stands for the two artists Anke Linz and Andreas Oettinger who live in Berlin. It´s said, that the name was… Read more »

Inga and David - Lovestory in Berlin

Inga and David – Lovestory in Berlin Inga and David fascinated me right away with their charismatic charm. Both live in Berlin, Inga works as a stylist and visual merchandiser, David plays the bass in the band Luxuslärm. This likable couple met at a theme party with the theme “superheroes/childhood heroes”. David came dressed up… Read more »

Gardenwedding with a lovely touch of vintage

Gardenwedding with a lovely touch of vintage   This inspiring outdoor world is colorful, playful, sickly-sweet and full of magic. Together with a wonderful team Silvia Hintermayer of candid moments created some adorable ideas for lovely garden weddings. Because of its pictorial appearance the guesthouse Stockerwirt in Sulz among the Wienerwald was the perfect location… Read more »

Violaine and Gaetan – adorable wood wedding   This adorable forest wedding of Violaine and Gaetan reflects their love for flora and fauna. There are so many lovely ideas to discover within the dreamlike pictures shot by Eliane and Simon of Bonnallie Brodeur. While Violaine concentrated on her styling in a little cabin in the… Read more »

Parisian glamour combined with industrial flair

Parisian glamour combined with industrial flair   From the first moment this modern interpretation of Parisian glamour combined with industrial flair fascinated us very much. La Fiancée du Panda and the team of Les Cocottes Events created an artful wedding-world, a mixture of clear, geometrical shapes and many shiny decoration items. A little bit of… Read more »

Joy and Jeffrey - forever in love

Joy and Jeffrey – forever in love   An old cabin with huge glass windows and yellowed, green wooden boards stands lonely in the middle of a dusty desert landscape. Joy and Jeffrey made themselves comfortable there with some cozy sofas and a little warm oven. Smitten they cuddle up and enjoy their deep intimateness…. Read more »

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Magical inspirations with wooden elements

Magical inspirations with wooden elements   Their amazing creativity and their sense for aesthetics is what characterizes the team of Pearl & Godiva the best. With an unbelievable variety of ideas and their gorgeous inspiration-shootings the stylists Sara, Sheena and Pearl take us into a magical world of weddings every time. The bridal couple Aine… Read more »

Unforgetable moments: getting ready

Unforgetable moments: getting ready   Getting ready is probably one of the most special moments in every brides´ life. Full of anticipation and with butterflies in her stomach she pays the best of attention to her styling. What a lucky feeling to celebrate these moments with a best friend and to share sparklilng wine and… Read more »

Carmen and Ingo - FOREVER LOVE

Carmen and Ingo – FOREVER LOVE   Hardly any wedding touched us as much as the wedding of Carmen and Ingo did. They made their dream come true and got married at one of the most beautiful places on earth: New Szealand. Carmen and Ingo are famous european wedding photographers and travelling is one of… Read more »

Sensual beauty in perfection

Sensual beauty in perfection   Our hearts skip a beat when we see so much sensual beauty in perfection. At this shooting passion and innocence collided and lead into an emotional explosion. The photographer Marissa Lambert met Erich McVey and his wife Amy in Louisiana for an one-on-one workshop. Breathtaking lights, a captivating wedding gown… Read more »

Blue sky full of inspirations...

Blue sky full of inspirations…   Today we are once again in seventh heaven thanks to these wonderful inspirations… In her Secrets Of A Stylist Workshop Summer Watkins impresses with a fire-work of creativity and turned her fascinating ideas into a variety of details. Remarkable color-combinations in shades of blue and gold as well as… Read more »

Kim and Carlo – adorable after-wedding shooting

Kim and Carlo – adorable after-wedding shooting Kim and Carlo got married on the hottest day of the year with a temperature of about 40°C. Originally they wanted their portrait-shooting to be on the same day but they cancelled it on short notice to shift it onto a cooler day. Nice side-effect: Kim had the… Read more »

Inspirations Styled Shoots

Laura and Franz - Lovestory in Leipzig

Laura and Franz – Lovestory in Leipzig Obviously it’s true love that Laura and Franz share. It’s heartwarming looking into their happily glaring eyes. The cute couple lives in Leipzig and they are studying at the university to become teachers. One day, it was a beatuiful day in spring, the got together with the photographer… Read more »

The girl and her reflection

The girl and her reflection    “I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams…” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince   There are no words to describe how happy we are to present you Clara Tumas unique pictures… Read more »

Unravel - Valley of my heart

Unravel – Valley of my heart   Today it feels like we are more excited than ever and proud to present you one of the most breathtaking shootings of all times! Thanks to the amazingly talented photographer Clara Tuma who made her beautiful pictures available for us! Pearl and Godiva are some of the worlds… Read more »