Joy of love

Joy of love Whenever amazingly talented photographers catch the atmosphere on camera where love is in the air and you literally feel harmony and intimateness surrounding you blissfully happy feelings arouse deep in ourselves. Lilly and Marcel are happily in love – dearly gestures, tender kisses and dreamy looks show their feelings for each other…. Read more »

Poetic Swan Lake Bridal Shoot

Poetic Swan Lake Bridal Shoot Today we take you into the aesthetic world of ballet. The bridal shooting arranged by Coco Tran and Vo Floral Designs was supposed to refelct the elfishly elegance of Swan Lakes´ ballerina. Tender shades of beige and blue, the soft floating tulle of a romantic wedding gown and some adorable… Read more »

Spring awakening 

Spring awakening    Every year spring presents itself like a wonderful fairyland for a couple of weeks. Nature awakes to new life and shows its´ endless variety of flowerage. This time of the year also inspired Elisabeth Feldner of Die Elfe Photography to an adorable photo-shoot. Is there something more romantic than watching a beautiful… Read more »

A feast for all senses

A feast for all senses Looking at aesthetical and artful pictures and diving into their expressiveness and emotions feels like magic to us. The film-photographer Greg Finck from Paris impressed us with a lot of talent and his amazing sense for beauty. Feather and Stone Photography arranged a workshop among the Provence and setup a… Read more »

Magnificent play of colors among unique nature

Magnificent play of colors among unique nature   After shooting and organising so many pastel-colored weddings this summer the photographer Laura Murray and her friend Sara of Wedding Sparrow were looking for a change. In „radiant orchid” they found a fascinating color that suited perfectly into their visions. Totally excited Amy of Bo Boutique created… Read more »

Spectacular desert-shoot

Spectacular desert-shoot Manuela and Martin of Forma Photography met Kacie and Marc on their stop over in Las Vegas during their tour across the United States. Kacie and Marc were already married for 1,5 years but for a spontanious photo-shoot they slipped into their wedding outfits one more time. Dressed up and styled the four… Read more »

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Paloma and Melchor - Engagement with vintagefeeling

Paloma and Melchor – Engagement with vintagefeeling Summer, sun, romance and a little bit of vintage just made our day… Paloma and Melchor got themselves an old bike, slipped into adorably vintage-styled clothes and headed for a day among pure nature to enjoy some togetherness. It´s harmony and deep intimacy that connects them and you… Read more »

Industrialism meets Romanticism

Industrialism meets Romanticism   Lexi Vornberg is an artist of fine arts who loves light colors and natural light. So much more exciting was this extraordinary shooting with a captivating mix of dark, industrial atmosphere and the tender, innocent bride for her. From Lexi: This shoot was a collaboration between a handful of artists to… Read more »

A Gipsy wedding

A Gipsy wedding   The late 1970´s were the peak season of the Gipsy-Look. Typical characteristics of this folkloristic vagabond-style are „carmen-dresses” with valance-skirts, pirate-looking head rags and opulent jewelry. Together with a comitted team Julia and Konstantin Mikulitsch created an adorable inspiration-shooting dealing with this exciting theme. They chose a pretty place of earth… Read more »

Springlike atmosphere

Springlike atmosphere   Isn´t it wonderful – spring is almost here, sun tickels our nose for the first time this year and nature awakes to new life after a long winter sleep. The first buds stretch their heads into the fresh spring air, a warm wind blows and a comforting prickle fulfills our hearts and… Read more »

The magic of spring

The magic of spring   It´s pure romance what this nude-colored fairylike wedding dress designed by Reem Acra emanates. And this romantic atmosphere continues at the adorable spring-shooting which was organized by Ashley Baber Weddings and an exceptionally gifted team. We can´t even think of a more romantic place for a free wedding. They placed… Read more »

Sierra and Chase - atmospheric wedding among vine yards

Sierra and Chase – atmospheric wedding among vine yards   We love adorable weddings like the one of Sierra und Chase where you can literally feel deep love and intimacy between the two lovebirds. Especially when there are so many classy and loving details to discover… The beautiful Sunstone Winery among the vine yards of… Read more »

Honeymoon Styled Shoots

Dreamlike wedding gowns designed by Ramón Herrerías

Dreamlike wedding gowns designed by Ramón Herrerías   From day to day there are more photographers who get into analog photography. And the results confirm that they are on the right way – the tender pastel colors and the soft drawings of the pictures procure a very romantic atmosphere and appear classy and exclusively. For… Read more »

Three different perspectives of bridal-fashion

Three different perspectives of bridal-fashion Today we want to dive with you into the fascinating world of wedding-photography. The three photographers Cornelia Lietz, Stephanie Kunde and OctaviaplusKlaus had a remarkable idea: to create an inspiring shooting to share experience, enhance their own skills and learn from each other. They were able to convince two tailors… Read more »

4 seasons with Allen and Aika

4 seasons with Allen and Aika Love, love, love – wow, are we excited! The lovestory of Allen and Aika goes right under your skin… It is true love that bonds them. For many months thousands of kilometers separated the two lovebirds and they had to live a long-distance relationship. Allan used to live in… Read more »