Alexandra and Erhard - Sweet Love in the Alps

Alexandra and Erhard – Sweet Love in the Alps   We just love the charm and the atmosphere of alp-weddings. The breathtaking flora and fauna, the ringing cowbells and chirping birds as well as the amazing view communicate native and free feelings. The photographers Alexandra and Erhard from Rob Venga Photography got married this year… Read more »


WINTER-WONDERLAND   A beautiful winterly mood with its wonderful scents, amazing colors and the cuddly warm atmosphere can be an unforgettable journey for our senses. Together with a talented team wedding planner Doreen Winking arranged this breathtaking Winter wonderland. All her concepts reflect the talent and creativity of Doreen Winking who fulfills her job with… Read more »

Magical wedding inspirations from Southern California

Magical wedding inspirations from Southern California   Stevi is a very creative cake-designer and amazingly successful with her shop „Hey There, Cupcake” in San Diego. For many years now she is married to her husband Glenn and lives with him and their two adorable daughters in California. When the Italian photographers Erica and Marco from… Read more »

Italianfeeling - Heaven on earth

Italianfeeling – Heaven on earth   The magic of the past is presented, venerable and in full glory, through the Villa Cetinale of the 17th Century, by the Medici Family for Pope Alexander VII. The Roman Baroque style provides for a wonderful backdrop for this greatly arranged shoot. Kate Holt of FlowerWild and Laurie Arons… Read more »

Magical Vintagegarden

Magical Vintagegarden   A dreamy garden, a warm summer day, huge trees with widely overhanging branches, flavorsome blossoms and graceful vintage-details arouse this wonderful prickle in our tummies! Today our senses go on a journey into a breathtakingly romantic wedding-world and we are about to discover many lovingly arranged decoration items and adorable details. Let´s… Read more »

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Magical wedding inspiration

Magical wedding inspiration Lately film photography enjoys great popularity among wedding photographers because it changes the attitude and philosophy of photography. Even we cannot deny the expressiveness of a picture that was taken with an „old fashioned” analog camera. In that case film always implies lively colors, tender transitions from well-focused to blurred and skin… Read more »

PANNONIAN CHIC - Wedding with style

PANNONIAN CHIC – Wedding with style   Because of its beautiful reed spots, the fascinating bird life and the many hours of sun the unique natural reservation around the Neusiedlersee is a wonderful paradise for smitten couples. Together with a very talented team Tina Hinterleitner from Hellbunt Events created a wedding day with Pannonian style… Read more »

Tanja and Bernie - A Dream on a Lake

Tanja and Bernie – A Dream on a Lake It may sound like a typical summer wedding: On a beautiful sunny day, a bride and groom are celebrating their marriage at a castle on the magnificent Lake Wörthersee. However, it soon becomes clear that there is something much more magical happening here. Everything was planned… Read more »

The Enchanted Forest - charming and magical

The Enchanted Forest – charming and magical   Nothing could be more magical than a hidden place in an enchanted pine forest, shortly after sunset, when dwarfish creatures of nature appear and dance through the night. Could it be the love potion of fairies and goblins, responsible for the inspiration of this stunning shoot? With… Read more »

Barbara and Peter - Moments of luck

Barbara and Peter – Moments of luck   This adorable engagement-shooting of Barbara and Peter is heartwarming! The charismatic couple spread a lot of zest for life and refreshing naturalness – it’s so much fun to watch them interact. Both obviously enjoyed romping across the great rubble place and flirting in front of the camera…. Read more »

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Irish wedding inspirations

Irish wedding inspirations   Today once again our hearts skip a beat: we are proud to present you the fascinating variety of breathtaking inspirations and unbelievable creativity. The eventplanner Alise Taggart is a real artist and it’s always a pleasure to discover all the beautiful details and ideas. This time we take you to „The… Read more »

Marta und Gaultier - Liebe an der französischen Riviera

Marta und Gaultier – Liebe an der französischen Riviera   Do you want to take a romantic walk through the small alleys of the French Riviera with us and enjoy the beauty of this artful landscape? Marta and Gaultier celebrated their fresh love among the idyllic ambience of Antibes. Manuela and Martin from FORMA Photography… Read more »

Shelby and Chris - Southern Chic Wedding

Shelby and Chris – Southern Chic Wedding   It was love at first sight when Shelby met Chris during her business trip to New York City, and only four months later, moved from Oregon to New York to be by her lovers side. For Chris, it was equally just as clear, and not long after,in… Read more »