Handcraft & Emotions - MR Manufactory Michaela Römer

Handcraft & Emotions – MR Manufactory Michaela Römer   When it comes to choosing the right wedding ring couples seek for quality, individuality and substainability. These rings become constant companions and are supposed to remind newly-weds of their mutual promise for ever. That’s why engaged couples invest a lot of time into planning and choosing… Read more »

Abandoned Manison Shoot

Abandoned Manison Shoot   If you love mysterious fairy tales and lose yourself within the romance of apparently abandoned mansions among untouched nature then you have to see the unbelievable pictures shot by the American artist Lindsey Stewart of Green Apple Photography. Together with eventstylist and florist Allison Baddley of La Fete she created a… Read more »

Calligraphy -The art of beautiful writing

Calligraphy -The art of beautiful writing   Individually designed and hand-made calligraphy is totally in and gives bridal-couples the opportunity to show their sense for esthetics and creativity. The art of beautiful writing is a classy way to personalize your wedding and leaves unique valued memories of the most wonderful day of your lives. A… Read more »


ASTRID AND GERNOT – AUTUMNAL LOVE-SHOOTING   This romantic couple shooting of Astrid and Gernot is totally heartwarming! Among beautiful autumn-feeling the smitten couple strolled through the forest and enjoyed the nature and their precious time of togetherness. Their dreamy trip filled the air with love and created a comfortable atmosphere. What a heavenly pleasure… Read more »

Glamorous Weddingdreams

Glamorous Weddingdreams   The unique pictures of this glamorous styled shoot are the result of the wonderful cooperation between event stylist Victoria Ainedter from victoryas fabulous moments and the photographers Petra and Thomas from marryandme. At the baroque Palais Schönburg in Vienna they created a splendid world filled with adorable designs and perfectly white accents…. Read more »

Claire Pettibone - „Gothic Angel" Collection

Claire Pettibone – „Gothic Angel” Collection   In her designs of bridal dresses the famous American designer Claire Pettibone combines youthful easiness, dreamy romance, classy and costly manufacture and exclusive materials. Her eye-catching back-decolletes peppered with fine embroidery and artful applications spread a special kind of magic. For the autumn collection 2015 “Gothic Angel” the… Read more »

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Simply elegant WEDDINGINSPIRATION   It’s multifaceted landscape and countless dreamlike locations for all kinds of events make Germany a favored travel destination. One of the reasons therefore might be this styled shoot organized by the talented wedding planner Doreen Winking, the florist Helene Gutjahr and the photographers Tanja and Felix from Kibogo Photography at the… Read more »

Dreamlike time travel into Italy´s past...

Dreamlike time travel into Italy´s past…   With this overwhelming styled shoot wedding planner Stefania and Sylvie from My Italian Wedding Planner take us into a fabulous vintage-world from long time ago. Among the Prosecco Hills outside of Vittorio, Italy, they got inspired by the fascinating charm of this noble villa and its captivating green… Read more »

Desert allurement with the smell of spring

Desert allurement with the smell of spring   The breathtaking pictures of this amazing photo shoot appear like wonderful paintings full of natural beauty and fascination. Katy Bohls of Without Wax, Katy and her passionate team combined the magical charm of this scraggy desert landscape with an adorable mixture of beautiful flowers, restrained stationary and… Read more »

Jeanne D'Arc - Untouchable Sensuality

Jeanne D’Arc – Untouchable Sensuality   Where ivy climbs up thick stone walls and the wild, rocky landscape of Ireland presents itself from it’s most breathtaking side, is a romantic tribute to Jeanne D’Arc and her powerful visions found instead. In the 15th century she was first celebrated as a national hero before she was… Read more »

Rue de Seine - Collection „True Love"

Rue de Seine – Collection „True Love”   It´s a unique feeling for every bride when she finally finds the dress of her dreams. What a wonderful and emotional moment! From now on until the day she gets married she will be filled with pride and exciting anticipation… Whenever we discover new collections of our… Read more »

Youthfully refreshing Boho-Chic

Youthfully refreshing Boho-Chic   Nadine and Jenny from Pour Toi Photographie are two young ambitious photographers who set their goals to capture the art of daily routine and the aesthetics of the inconsiderable. With this adorable Boho-Chic shooting they show us how easy it is to arrange a classy and unique wedding even if you… Read more »

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Heidi and Jörg – Incomparable Weddingdream

Heidi and Jörg – Incomparable Weddingdream   We are never going to forget the pictures of this stunningly stylish wedding from Heidi and Jörg… With the passionate support of professional wedding planner Duska from Das Hochzeitswerk they made their dreams come true and got married among the historic ambience of the Bavarian Nationalmuseum. Thereby they… Read more »

Will you be my bridesmaids?

Will you be my bridesmaids?   Themed as „Will you be my bridesmaids?” the happy bride invites her girl-friends over to celebrate her stag party. At the beautiful Schloss Weikersdorf she prepared a room full of romantic and playful dresses, shoes and accessories in shades of mint, coral and gold for her bridesmaids Lissi and… Read more »

Georgia and James – Engagement Shooting in Vale Do Lobo

Georgia and James – Engagement Shooting in Vale Do Lobo   Which smitten couple does not dream about capturing their deep feelings for each other on artful pictures and of holding a souvenir of costly moments of togetherness in their hands for the rest of their lives? Georgia and James made this dream come true… Read more »