Magical Bridal Shoot in Venice

Magical Bridal Shoot in Venice   Whenever pictures say more than 1000 words it might be because picture poet Roland Faistenberger shot them – he impresses with his high recognition value and his sense for art and beauty. This time he bewitches us with expressive snap-shots of a bridal shooting in Venice. He´s capable of catching… Read more »

Berni & Wolf – You mean everything to me

Berni & Wolf – You mean everything to me   Can you think of something more beautiful than looking into the bright eyes of a couple happily in love? Surrounded by atmospherical, autumnal nature Berni and Wolf enjoy their deep familiarness. Coltishly they romp across meadows and fields and spread so much contagious easiness. Later… Read more »

Magical berry-boned autumn-shoot

Magical berry-boned autumn-shoot   Isabella Karnell is a dedicated florist. Recently she put all her passion into a breathtaking autumnal shooting decorated in wonderful berry-tones. More and more couples decide to get married at this atmospheric time of the year which offers such a wide variety of options. With an ocean of typical autum flowers like… Read more »

Dreamy Winterbride

Dreamy Winterbride   With her romantic wedding dress the fancy bride nestles down in her comforting warm scarf. Dreamily smiling she strolls along the beach and enjoys the pre-Christmassy tranquility. Her thoughts are with her groom and the upcoming big day which she longs for wishfully. Lovingly arranged decoration items create a beautiful winterly spirit… Read more »

Amelié and Attila – Vespa Love in Paris

Amelié and Attila – Vespa Love in Paris   When Esther & Gabe of Bell Studio sent us these cute pictures of Amelié and Attila to feature them on our blog we were totally amazed! „What a romantic idea to go to the city of love just for an after-wedding portrait shooting!” we thought. But… Read more »

Erich McVey – Elements inspired wedding ideas ~ WIND

Erich McVey – Elements inspired wedding ideas ~ WIND   Erich McVey is an amazing artist and absolute professional when it comes to film photography. At regular intervals he organizes unique workshops which are much sought-after by photographers from all over the world. With a good cause as the pictures shot by Shannon Von Eschen of Shannon… Read more »

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Baby, it´s cold outside!

Baby, it´s cold outside!   Are you already in anticipation of Christmas like we are?! With this beautiful shooting we want to put you into some winterly mood with a little bit of romance! A talented team got inspired by the popular jazz-song „Baby, it´s cold outside”, that was already sang by famous artists like Dean… Read more »

Dreamlike Inspirations On Kastiel Holic

Dreamlike Inspirations On Kastiel Holic   The walls of Slovakias Kastiel Holic are full of fascinating history and were the mystic venue for an amazing workshop organized by the fantastic photographer Sona of Inspired By Love this summer. Together with eventdesigner Ciara O´Halloran she created a magical wedding-dream which put a spell on absolutely everyone. Lovingly… Read more »

Lena and Felix – True Love Meets Youthful Freshness

Lena and Felix – True Love Meets Youthful Freshness   Whenever we see deep feelings within the bright eyes of happy couples who enjoy their most beautiful day of their lives with friends and families we´re deeply moved. This summer – with the amazing help of the talented wedding planner Lena and Kristina of Blue… Read more »

Hilde and Eskil – Norwegian Love

Hilde and Eskil – Norwegian Love   Before Hilde and Eskil could get married fate had a special surprise for them. Only a couple of days after Eskils proposal to Hilde they found out that she was pregnant with twins. So they decided to stop their wedding preparations immediately and to concentrate fully on this… Read more »

Truvelle Bridal Collection 2015 - Sensual Allurement

Truvelle Bridal Collection 2015 – Sensual Allurement   We love fancy and unconventional bridal dresses aside from mainstream. The Canadian designer Gaby Bayona of Truvelle impresses us with her talent for modern designs including the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance. In her artist´s workshop in Vancouver she turned her passion for fashion and design into… Read more »

The Cursed Peacock

The Cursed Peacock   Today we find ourselves in seventh heaven – the adorable theme, the noble colors and the classy details of this shooting cause a wonderful tingling sensation on our skin. Eventdesigner Irinia Thiessen and photographer Lea Bremicker had the idea for this shoot and inspire us now with their talent and creativity. As their… Read more »

Honeymoon Inspirations

Sofia and Josh – Dreamlike Elopement

Sofia and Josh – Dreamlike Elopement   We love exceptional stories and couples who are not afraid to try something new. With their adorable elopement in Indonesia the gorgeous couple Sofia and Josh showed that the results of „trying something new” can also lead into a romantic dream-wedding. Photographer Julia Winkler joined them at their… Read more »

Noble Elegance

Noble Elegance There are moments in life where pictures say more than thousand words. That´s how we felt when we looked at the great pictures of this clean, minimalist styled shoot organized by Soil & Stem and Erin Kate Photography, who fascinated us with a combination of romance, vintage, style and naturalness. Pure white accents and… Read more »

Inbal Dror Bridal Collection 2015 – Pure Fascination

Inbal Dror Bridal Collection 2015 – Pure Fascination   We immediately fell under the spell of Israeli designer Inbal Dror when we first saw her new dramatic collection of bridal dresses. Her expressive designs spread sensual magic, romance, glamour and elegace and accentuate every brides female shape in a spectacular way. Extraordinary art of design and… Read more »