South African Romance

South African Romance   When outstanding photgraphers host workshops it´s always going to be an unique fire-work of inspirations. Together with the fantastic eventdesigner Lindsey Zamora and an incredibly talented team the awesome picture artist Taylor Lord put on a magical wedding-world. They offered their participants a modern and lovely styled bridal-couple, opulent created floral… Read more »

Steffi, Manuel and Leon – Lucky moments

Steffi, Manuel and Leon – Lucky moments We are totally in love with this cute family: Steffi, Manuel an their little Leon took our hearts by storm. Steffi and Manuel are a smitten couple for four years now. As a symbol of love Leon was born one and a half years ago and enriches their… Read more »

Tender Persephone bridal shoot

Tender Persephone bridal shoot   The picture artist Kelly Sauer always dreamt of a tender Grecian-styled gown. When she met boudoir designer Janie of Sarafina Dreams she got the opportunity to catch this dream on breathtaking pictures. From Kelly Sauer: “A passerby on a bicycle gave this shoot its name – “What is this?” he… Read more »

Katharina and Michael - After Wedding Shooting on Mallorca

Katharina and Michael – After Wedding Shooting on Mallorca   Katharina and Michael are happily married for one year now. Unfortunately their weddingday was pretty rainy and so they didn’t make beautiful portrait pictures. What a great idea to catch up with that on a relaxed after wedding shoot! During their vacation on Mallorca Katharina… Read more »

Romantic beach-shoot with a touch of elegance

Romantic beach-shoot with a touch of elegance   A simple but beautiful iPhone sunset-beachphoto shot by Sylvie Gil inspired the fantastic team to this paradisiacal one of a kind shooting at the beach. To come up to the dreamlike scenery they wanted to integrate a little bit of elegance and finesse. The endlessly creative team… Read more »


Hippie-feeling Isn’t it wonderful? When we look at the dreamlike pictures shot by Karolina Horner of Kalinkaphoto we can literally feel the sizzeling noise between this cute couple. Smittenly they dance across the colorful meadow full of flowers and enjoy their togetherness whilst a romantic pick-nick. A playful mix of vintage- and hippie-look granted this… Read more »

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Warehouse charm meets romance

Warehouse charm meets romance   Today there´s a wonderful expedition full of dreamlike wedding-inspirations waiting for you. With stunning professionalism and passion for details the flower- and eventdesigner Katelyn Pinner of ModFete arranged a colorful variety of fantastic decoration-items. Because of its industrial charm the old store-house Taylor´s Mill stood in an exciting contrast to… Read more »

Ersa Atelier – spectacular 2015 collection of wedding gowns

Ersa Atelier – spectacular 2015 collection of wedding gowns Glamorous, dramatic and noble are probably the three perfectly describing words for the breathtaking 2015 collection of wedding gowns designed by Ersa Atelier. The two Romanian designers Gabriela and Cristina Antonescu impress with their stunning creations which know how to capture the beauty of big emotions…. Read more »

Free Love

Free Love   We love to report on the libertine and the natural charme of bohemian inspired wddings. To pick up this topic the two eventdesigners Kristina and Lena of Blue & Ivory organized an adorable shooting with a great variety of colors. They told us: “Embedded into the beautiful protected landscape of Oberasbach we… Read more »

Fascination Amalfy-coast

Fascination Amalfy-coast Probably the coasts of Amalfy zählen are some of the most beautiful regions in the world. The paradisiacal landscape with opulent and colorful vegetation, cliffs over the turquoise colored ocean, canyons and romantic bays let the daily routine disappear in endless distance. Walks along idyllic alleys, smelling the scents of flowers and lemons… Read more »

Sarah and Maximilian - sweet love

Sarah and Maximilian – sweet love   Summer, sun, a disused beach along the idyllic coastal landscape of Croatia and a lot of love – these are probably the perfect ingredients for some moments full of big emotions. Sarah and Maximilian recently got engaged and enjoy seventh heaven together. To capture their love on everlasting… Read more »


VISITING PAPIERHIMMEL During their last stay in Vienna the photographers Manuela and Martin of Forma Photography from Tyrol visited Verena of Papierhimmel. Certainly they never leave the house without their cameras and so we now have the chance to look over the creative designers shoulder while she works. Verena’s Papierhimmel stands vor invitations and trendy… Read more »

Honeymoon Real Weddings

Nostalgic bridal-shoot at the sea

Nostalgic bridal-shoot at the sea   Today we leave this summer behind for a moment and let the magical pictures shot by Les Amis Photo carry us away into a winterly scenery at the beach Liguriens. Marco and Erica from Les Amis: “The shooting wants to create a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere, for this reason… Read more »

Romantic bridal shoot at the lake

Romantic bridal shoot at the lake   Looking at these breathtaking pictures lets our hearts skip a beat: this supernaturally beautiful canoe, decorated with awesome flowers in which the fancy bride glides across the Lake Tarawera. The team of House of Hannah impresses with huge talent for romantic and stylish weddings. A sickly-sweet cake, fine… Read more »

We love eating delicious food and trying out new recipes. This time Melanie Nedelko from Wiener Wohnsinn pampered us with a tasty starter: a strawberry-pea-goat cheese crostini. Mmmmh, doesn´t that sound seducingly yummy?! Melanie told us: „Peas don´t necessarily are part of the spicy vegetables and combined with strawberries they are more like a dessert…. Read more »