Top Weddingdresses 2015


Today I want to present you some of my favorite wedding dresses and share some thoughts about bridal fashion with you.

I love discovering new designers of bridal gowns who bring new life into fashion with their extraordinary and innovative designs.

It´s a delicate selection of stylish gowns that have nothing to do with classical „princess-dresses”.
I believe that modern brides don´t see themselves as „princesses” any more but want to express their uniqueness with what they wear.

Isn´t a bride especially adorable when she spreads youthful freshness, easiness and romantic sensuality? It´s such a shame when young girls choose a look that makes them appear many years older.

At this point I want to talk about something that´s very important for me. I watch so many brides choosing a sleeveless dress. Unfortunately this is the cut that fits only a few of them. These dresses require a very good figure, perfectly defined upper arms, a beautiful neckline and impeccable skin.

Aside from that brides keep tugging their dresses all day long because it naturally doesn´t have as much hold and that really doesn´t look pretty. Keep in mind that you want to be able to dance, play and move around the whole day in your dress. And also please take a seat when you´re at the fitting – in this position most fits doesn´t look very well either.

Many designers sell dreamlike sleeve varieties with different longueurs and playful lace-applications made of costly fabrics. Besides sleeves can help hiding little weak points very skillfully.

Another important thing is the fact of loosing your uniqueness with common dresses.

With regard to onlineshops – they usually don´t have the best reputation and brides are advised against buying their dresses online.
Never the less onlineshops are getting better and better and there are a few pretty great shops like BHLDN, Grace Loves Lace, Ruche or one of my absolute favorite shops Gossamer Vintage, which sell adorable dresses at a great value for money.

In case your dress is not beeing sold in German-speaking countries you´ll find the designers stores online or you can write them an e-mail and ask where to get it.

Daytrips into an European metropolis are not that expensive either – take a trip to Barcelona, Paris or London and you will come your dress a little closer (don´t forget to make reservations at the store!).

Enjoy finding and choosing your bridal dress and cut your own path – because there´s nothing more gorgeous than a happily smiling bride whose dress reflects her soul.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


dress: Delphine Manivet , photo: Clara Tuma Photography


dress: Emily Riggs Bridal , photo: Sara Donaldson Photographs


dress: Gossamer Vintage, photo: Laura Gordon Photography


dress: Rue de Seine, photo: Anna Peters Photography


dress: Samuelle Couture , photo: Clara Tuma Photography


dress: Gossamer Vintage, photo: Love by Serena


dress: Rue de Seine, photo: Erich McVey; dress: küssdiebraut, photo: Melanie Nedelko


dress: Marie Luisa Rabell, photo: Feather & Stone


dress: Anna Campbell, photo: Three Nails Photography


dress: Grace Loves Lace


dress: Anna Campbell, photo: Three Nails Photography


dress:  Rue de Seine , photo: Erich McVey


dress: Alexandra Grecco, photo: Ace & Whim; dress: Houghton NYC , photo: Michael und Carina


dress: Vera Wang , photo: Jessica Lorren


dress: Marie Laporte; dress: Samuelle Couture , photo: Jose Villa


dress: Kaviar Gauche


dresses: Ersa Atelier


dress: Delphine Manivet


dresses: BHLDN


dress: Rosa Clara, photo: Brushfire Photography


dress: Rue de Seine , photo: Connie Whitlock ; dress: Emily Riggs Bridal , photo: Marissa Lambert


 dress: Emily Riggs Bridal , photo: Ashley Ludaescher Photogpraphy


dress: Felicita Design, photo: Melanie Nedelko ; dress: Jenny Packham , photo: Melanie Nedelko


dress: Paolo Sebastian


dress: Laura de Sagazan


dress: Rime Arodaky


dress: Daalarna Couture


dress: Cortana


dress: Samuelle Couture , photo: MK Sadler ; dress: Otaduy


dresses: Claire Pettibone


dress: Junko Yoshioka , photo: When He Found Her


dress: Emily Riggs Bridal , photo: Ashley Ludaescher Photogpraphy


dress: Maria Luisa Rabell , photo: D’Arcy Benincosa


Ihr sucht noch mehr Informationen zu Fashion, Beauty und Shopping – auf gibt es die neuesten Trends coolsten Looks – hier könnt ihr euch ein Hochzeitsspecial zu Designerkleider sehen!



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