Sensual Bridal Collection 2017 by Truvelle


Pure sensuality embodied by feminine robes of finest fabrics and tender pastel colors. Like arisen from a dream the new bridal collection 2017 by  Truvelle presents itself as lovely creations which lift their carrier into higher spheres of alluring femininity.

This season the made-in-Canada-label shows us how beautiful the combination of restrained sexiness and classy simplicity can be. And that´s what  Blush Wedding Photography caught on these pictorial pictures for us.

Somehow loosely swinging robes with deep necklines, bare sections and coy insights turn effortlessly into every day´s companions. Companions for your wedding day.

It is a totally new collection designed by Gaby Bayona who bet on keen designs giving them the X factor with geometric features. And she succeeded, as we can see. Like her dress “Carall” – a top-design 2017 gown with a deep V-neck girdle with crossed satin ribbons in taupe – which represents the upcoming wedding season as uncomplicated lightness of being.

Seduces us to dream and all of a sudden we debauch in this romantic liaison of delicate sophistication and this mysterious glance of dreamy femininity. Subtle and flat shades, pearls as pretty applications on white fabrics and puristic designs let brides sigh in relief.

Who could ever say no to this wedding dreams of  Truvelle

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHER: Kristy Ryan of Blush Wedding Photography
FLORIST: Days of May
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Emily Cheng
BOOK DESIGN: Studio Faculty
MODEL: Kira Fox of Silent Models



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