Rue de Seine – Collection „True Love”


It´s a unique feeling for every bride when she finally finds the dress of her dreams. What a wonderful and emotional moment! From now on until the day she gets married she will be filled with pride and exciting anticipation…

Whenever we discover new collections of our favorite designers we feel just the same way and cannot wait to present them to you!

Recently picture artist Jean-Laurent Gaudy released the models Colette, Cleo and Ivy from the new collection „True love” from Rue de Seine in Paris – the city of love.

Those creations designed by the oh so talented Michelle Corty glare with sensual beauty and elegant easiness. Adorably soft falling silhouettes spread pure fascination by combining vintage style and modern French chic.

Lay back and dream away the day with us just by looking at the fantastic pictures shot by Jean-Laurent Gaudy

Translation: Marina Jenewein





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