Romantic Headpieces Collection 2016 by Schönmich Accessoires



The light of the setting sun bathes the beach in a magical atmosphere. Every now and then we see a little something twinkles secretly; curiously we follow the footprints in the sand.

They lead us to the cliffs and we discover the first sparkling detail: artfully shaped and covered with finest blossoms a piece of jewelry snuggles into the bride´s hair. A delicate bracelet continues its colors and shapes on her wrist.

Something takes us back to the ocean where an elegant veil blows with the wind. Lavishly pinned to the bride´s bun it unfolds its full pride.

This day was all about putting the wonderful headpieces collection by designer Brigitte Wegerhoff of Schönmich Accessoires in perspective at the beach of Cape Town with photographer Dehan Engelbrecht.

Schönmich Accessoires stands for a wide selection of designs, exceptionally hand made of finest fabrics for women seeking head pieces with an edge.

Designer Brigitte Wegerhoff unites extravagance with simplicity, elegance with romance and gets inspired by the 20´s, 50´s and 70´s to give her unicums a whiff of modern vintage.

Here we have her new collection on amazing pictures shot by Dehan Engelbrecht for you! Can you choose your favorite?

Text: Marina Jenewein



HAARSCHMUCK: Schönmich Accessoires
FOTOGRAF: Dehan Engelbrecht
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Brigitte Wegerhofft – Schönmich
PAPETERIE: Susan Brand Design
SCHMUCK: Meraki Jewellery Design
MODEL: Jolandi Van Wyk









Schönmich Accessoires

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