An unforgettable Day At The Sea


Ancient cobblestones lead her through narrow alleys filled with the salty scent of the sea. From afar she hears a familiar powerful sound, up close she sees foaming waves.

Ocean and horizon shimmer in the most gorgeous shades of blue, ensnaring each other in the endless width. Their play of colors challenges the coast to a duel to shine even brighter than before.

This is a bride´s vacation – you may think when you look at the pictures by photographer Monika Schweighardt. In collaboration with wedding planner Samantha of Lepor Weddings from Croatia she created this wonderful summer shooting at the coast.

“For this shoot we mixed vintage and modern elements.” the incomparable picture artist told us. “Modernity for example got depicted by transparent chairs, the plain dress and fantastic rings.”

The colors green, eucalyptus, light grey, white and gold set harmonic highlights that continued not only within the bridal dress by Küss die Braut and Samanthas artful bridal bouquet but also in a completely natural way by the selected locations. Also these unique ring designs by the creative artist Barbara Haas are all about love.

Let´s dream away this day together and get captivated by Monika Schweighardt’s fantastic pictures – who by the way created this unique stationery, too!

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Monika Schweighardt Photography
KONZEPT + IDEE: Monika Schweighardt Photography und Samantha von Lepor Weddings
BRAUTSTRAUSS: Samantha von Lepor Weddings
BRAUTKLEID: Küss die Braut
PAPETERIE: Monika Schweighardt
RINGE: Barbara Haas



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