Weathered stone steps tell myth-enshrouded stories of long gone glamorous times and contrast amazingly with the delicate bride.

Wearing sheer Anna Campbell dresses with amazing varieties of sleeves she settles down on the stairs, expectantly lost in thoughts and full of hope for a fortunate future.

Costly arranged florals in marvelous colors and an ocean of candles created a dreamy yet romantic atmosphere.

Lauren from Velvet Bride and photographer Rebecca Hollis staged this adorable shooting that fascinates right from the start.

From Lauren of Velvet Bride: “For this shoot, we wanted to choose gowns from the collection that would exemplify what Anna Campbell brings to bridal.

A timeless elegance, yet not overly traditional, with a hint of bohemian luxe. For the scenes in front of the stone staircase, we wanted the heavily embellished styles to shine. The effortless combination of the gowns along side the old, moss-covered stone steps with lush, colorful florals by Beargrass Gardens make this one of my favorite shoots ever.

For the shots we did in the long, tree-lined driveway of the mansion we opted for a more organic, natural, and relaxed vibe. We chose gowns from the collection with less embellishment and more silk and lace. They lended themselves beautifully to the dark, heavy surroundings adding lightness, flow, and romance.”

Languorously we let the magical world of pictures shot by the talented photographer Rebecca Hollis sink in and get carried away by this breathtaking galaxy of sensual beauty.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Rebecca Hollis Photography
FLORALS AND STYLING: Beargrass Gardens and Events
MAKE-UP: Skin Chic
HAIR: Boom Swagger Salon
FILM LAB: Photo Vision
MODELS: Kelsey Gordon, Marian King, Ursula Encell






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