Valuable Moments in the Mountains Of Colorado


Impressively the mountains of Colorado huddle against each other in the distance, imposing, strong and indestructible.

Yet they are the living space for flora and fauna, let grasses and flowers bloom providing safety within barren crevices.

Also the bride is looking for something special: silence, shelter and loneliness.

Nature itself consists of the biggest contrasts. Uniting light and shadow, life and death, silence and restlessness while being cold and warm, barren and vegetated or moist and dry at the same time.

It´s the valuable moments in between that photographer Jennifer Blair Photography captured on her fantastic pictures that give the extremes a face: the face of a gentle bride.

Her feathery robe by Chaviano Couture surrenders to the stormy wind, filigree hair jewelry by SIBO Designs sparkles valuably even without direct sunlight. In her hand she holds the most beautiful flowers she found in this barren landscape, her eyes speak of boundless love to mother nature.

Like never before these incomparable pictures shot by Jennifer Blair Photography teach us about the multifaceted beauty of nature. And we don´t want to keep you in suspense any longer.

Text: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Jennifer Blair Photography
WEDDING DRESS: Chaviano Couture (Blush) + BHLDN (White)
FILM LAB: PhotoVision Prints

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