Under Tuscany´s Sun


Lovingly Tuscany´s sun bathes its amazing landscape in dreamy light – creating a magical atmosphere, letting golden details sparkle, making the lush nature shine.

Amid this scene there lingers this beauty, waiting to become a woman. Insecure yet longingly she looks into the distance, awaiting the arrival of her love. Today she will be queened as bride, today her new life will begin.

Candles burn and the table´s set. The darkness sets in and just the little flames are her only guidance. Her prince plays hard to get, stays a secret of her heart.

Once more we are surprised by Tuscany´s changeability, its breathtaking nature and what designer Lindsey Brunk and photographers like Danielle M. Sabol get out of it: the faraway world of a young bride swathed in a nude-colored dress of lace and attended by stunning floral arrangements and artful calligraphy.

Now let Danielle M. Sabol take you into this world and dive with us into her lovingly arranged gallery of fascinating pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Danielle M. Sabol
FILM LAB: The Find Lab
DESIGN & STYLING: Lindsey Brunk
VENUE: Mitas Hill Vineyard
FLORAL DESIGN: Everly Alaine Florals
HAIR ACCESSOIRES: Hushed Commotion
JEWELRY: Nan Lee Jewelry
PAPER GOODS: Magnolia Tree Paperie
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Lisa Michelle
MODEL: Toni – Dragonfly Agency





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