Treasures From The Ocean Bed


Noble pearls nuzzle in the sand… Fine gold dust sparkles between craggy rocks… Ancient silver glazes among warm sunlight… Sea shells and seaweed were placed here artfully by the waves…

Like little treasures from the ocean bed, untouched and mysterious they build the perfect framework for this piece of art created by eventstylist Holly Phillips.

It seems self-evident how harmonically all the design elements like flowers, stationery and decoration complement each other, creating playfully a wonderful overall picture consistent with nature. Soft colors combined with white and silver and with great support of mother earth it arose an amazing masterpiece of the talented team.

In the center: a bride as mystical, graceful and elegant as the scenery she seems to be floating through. Where did she come from? Where is she going? We will never find out…

The breathtaking pictures of the fine art photographer Sarah Hannam fascinate with love for details.

The way of using light and the keen sense of style and aesthetics characterize her and we are more than happy to present you the work of the poetical photographer Sarah Hannam.

Let’s get carried away…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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STYLIST: Holly Phillips
WEDDING DRESS: Laure de Sagazan
BRIDALWEAR: The Mews in Clifton
HAIR ACCESSORY: Hermione Harbutt
SHOES: Emmy Shoes London
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Amanda Jane
FLORALS: The Garden Gate Flower Company & Roswartha Farm
CAKE DESIGNER: The Natural Cake Company
LINEN: The White Company
RIBBON: Lancaster & Cornish
MODEL: Deborah Sarah Bake




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