Three different perspectives of bridal-fashion

Today we want to dive with you into the fascinating world of wedding-photography.

The three photographers Cornelia Lietz, Stephanie Kunde and OctaviaplusKlaus had a remarkable idea: to create an inspiring shooting to share experience, enhance their own skills and learn from each other.

They were able to convince two tailors from Cologne, Nayana and Victoria of perera/rüsche, to support them. So they allocated 5 of their most beautiful wedding gowns for the photo-shoot.

The team chose idyllic places among the Eifel to present the lovely styled brides perfectly classy and romantic.

To round off the whole picture there was adorable hair- and floral-decoration.

We found it incredibly exciting to gaze at all the different perspectives and post-editings of the three photographers Cornelia Lietz, Stephanie Kunde und OctaviaplusKlaus. All of them are very impressive in their own ways and even if we wanted we could not name a favourite.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Cornelia Lietz, Stephanie Kunde und OctaviaplusKlaus
BRAUTKLEIDER: perera/rüsche
MODELS: Anne, Kerstin und Adrian




         perera/rüsche                            La Chia



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