The Scent Of Heaven


The incomparable haze of fresh flowers tickles our noses, a sea of blossoms ensorcels our eyes. Colorful, multifaceted and in all its glory it spreads in front of us.

Opulence fills huge vases, little boutonnieres wait for men. Bridal bouquets long for tender hands to hold, floral wreaths adorn silky hair. Slender garlands made of foliage grant this plain table that certain something.

The bride can hardly believe her luck, lets her eyes wander doubtfully. She sees heaven on earth and smells its wonderful fragrance.

It was event designer Kylie Swanson who brought these inspirations to life. Within a photo-workshop she created incredible impressions using those gorgeous artworks made by Bows and Arrows that cheer our hearts!

The outstanding photographer Heather Hawkins took part in this workshop and captured this one-of-a-kind kingdom of heaven full of flowers for us on camera.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Heather Hawkins
WORKSHOP: Bows and Arrows Farm + Forage
CREATIVE DIRECTION + STYLING: Kylie Swanson + Alicia Rico
GOWN: Shop Gossamer
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Tracy Melton Artistry




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