10The Folly Estate – Sensual elegance and natural beauty



Lovingly light ivy nestles up to the wooden roof, like the bride up to her sweetheart. Fulfilled with love and embraced by luck bonds for life are made.

Similar harmonically black and white merge, let lilac become part of their symbiosis. Melting to a glamorous picture made of noble fabrics, adorning stationery, cake and table.

The wonderful photographer Steve Torres sent us these befuddling pictures from a workshop among the enchanted property of “The Folly Estate”.

The stylist and florist of  Gatherings by Staci and Floral Occasions created a fascinating world we want to get lost in!

A breathtaking mixture of elegance and natural beauty, reluctance and glamour, vintage and modern youthfulness riddled with adorable details that inspire with every picture we see.

Valuable dresses, stunning floral arrangements and perfect styling play skillfully with the dreamy and aged charm of this unique location.

Let´s get carried away into Steve Torres artful world and discover more and more of the many gorgeous details of this wonderful wedding inspirations.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


the-folly-estate-workshop_0001 the-folly-estate-workshop_0002 the-folly-estate-workshop_0003 the-folly-estate-workshop_0004 the-folly-estate-workshop_0005 the-folly-estate-workshop_0006 the-folly-estate-workshop_0007 the-folly-estate-workshop_0008 the-folly-estate-workshop_0009 the-folly-estate-workshop_0009a the-folly-estate-workshop_0013 the-folly-estate-workshop_0014 the-folly-estate-workshop_0014ajpg the-folly-estate-workshop_0015 the-folly-estate-workshop_0016 the-folly-estate-workshop_0017 the-folly-estate-workshop_0018 the-folly-estate-workshop_0019 the-folly-estate-workshop_0020 the-folly-estate-workshop_0021 the-folly-estate-workshop_0022 the-folly-estate-workshop_0023 the-folly-estate-workshop_0024 the-folly-estate-workshop_0024a the-folly-estate-workshop_0025 the-folly-estate-workshop_0027 the-folly-estate-workshop_0028 the-folly-estate-workshop_0029

PHOTOGRAPHY: Steve Torres Photography
VENUE: The Folly Estate
WORKSHOP INSTRUCTOR:  Jeremy Chou Photography
FLORAL DESIGN: Floral Occasions
GOWN: Claire Pettibone
TUXEDO: Vera Wang
MAKE-UP + HAIR: TING Makeup & Hair
ACCESSOIRES:  Styled by TC & Elizabeth Bower Bridal
DECOR: Whim Hom Furniture & Interior
DESSERT + CAKE: Viktor Benês Bakery
MODELS: Ariana Lamour, Zak Stabe, Taylor Kinzie
SPONSOR:  Cypress Fine Albums




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