Lavender Dreams


Valuable silk in tender lavender snuggles to her silhouette like a second skin, as softly as her flowing mane stroking her shoulder.

Pearls and gold adorn her head standing back for filigree vines and lush leaves. Just like delicate crowns of a gorgeous queen.

The shimmering color continues cautiously within the graceful stationery by La Happy while fresh shades of green practice themselves in opulence…

These amazing pictures shot by  D’Arcy Benincosa show impressively what a wonderful colorfulness a beautiful summer day has to offer. She eternalized those stunning flower arrangements by Soil & Stem with her camera.

Their lavender robe by Shop Gossamer literally blends with the fragrant garden flowers to a symbiosis of pale summer colors paired with powerful foliage in shades of green resulting in a breathtaking total artwork among this place of untouched nature.

So let´s get inspired and becharmed by the dreamy pictures shot by the exceptional artist  D’Arcy Benincosa

Translation: Marina Jenewein


sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0001 sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0001a sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0002 sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0003 sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0004 sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0004a sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0005sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0009a

sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0007 sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0007a sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0009 sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0010 sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0011 sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0012 sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0016 sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0017 sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0018 sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0019 sommerhochzeit-inspirationen-lavendel-lilatoene_0020


PHOTOGRAPHER: D’Arcy Benincosa
FLORIST:  Soil & Stem
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Bellacosa
RIBBON + RUNNER: Silk & Willow


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