Sensual Spring Bride


It smells like spring and this opulent bloomage sets wonderful emotions free.

Inspired by the breathtaking dress designed by Vintage Alfred Bosand the talented eventdesigner Jessica from Fine & Fleurie created this dreamy fairy tale world.

Pale shades of pink, a soft grey and floral applications peppered with tiny sequins grant this dress a magical attraction.

In combination with the heavenly bridal bouquet made of amazing spring flowers in gorgeous shades of ivory and pink lovingly arranged by Cosetta and Sofia from Il Profumo Dei Fior the dress unfolds its full charm.

The adorable bride floats across a wonderful garden, hugged by nature and her feelings she dreams away the day.

These fascinating pictures shot by the photographic artists Erica and Marco from Les Amis Photo take us onto a breathtaking journey into the world of inspirations…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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STYLING + DESIGN: Fine & Fleurie
FLORAL DESIGN: Il Profumo Dei Fior
GOWN: Vintage Alfred Bosand
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Jaime Michels
VENUE: Private Residence in Vicenza, Italy
MODEL: Brittany Castelow




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