seductive sensuality


A glimmer of nothing covers her smooth skin, shimmering lace, valuable and delicate. Among the warm light of a rising sun her dress tries to outshine her eyes.

A soft breeze joins in, unfolding the robe´s flawless beauty. Sheer, filigree and feathery it surrenders to every gust of wind.

Dusty, harsh and barren nature appears behind her, building an exciting contrast the design needs to bloom. Highlighting its uniqueness, underlining its graceful elegance.

Seeing a dress that´s so tempting and glamourous at the same time is extremely rare. Again photographer Tali from Tali Photography surpassed herself with these pictures when she drew attention to this dreamlike dress.

Now let your senses get indulged by a fascinating cue state, compelling landscape and of course a very special kind of dress…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Tali Photography
DRESS: Kaviar Gauche
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Linca Clarin




      Tali Photography




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