Velvety like love, burgundy like passion. Gold as symbol of preciousness, flowers as symbol of beauty. White – noble contrast and exciting detail – mirrors purity in perfection.

Curved lines tell from big emotions, like they were written with ink of lifeblood. Artfully inviting to the marriage of two hearts that from now on will beat as one.

With red velvet and gorgeous roses, golden accents and white elements, flickering candles and a beautiful angel the Swedish photographer Isabelle Hesselberg of 2 Brides Photography brought us together with a fantastic team heaven on earth.

Their inspirations are within our reach and we can´t wait to hover in seventh heaven with you…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Isabelle Hesselberg – 2 Brides Photography
STYLING & FLORALS: Linnéa Bergqvist – The Wild Rose
STYLING: Linus Hermansson
DRESS: Zetterberg Couture
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Mia Adam
JEWELLERY: Lily & Rose
CAKE: Liv Sandberg Cake Art





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