Purple Fall Bride


Again, fall fascinates with its magnificent play of colors. Colorful leaves are dancing from the trees and the wind plays boisterously with our hair to tell us: winter is about to come!

Within this magical atmosphere Annett Oschmann from nartürlich fotografie created this beautiful bridal shoot.

Softly swaying reed, a stunning bridal bouquet in shades of amazing purple and a sophisticated bride beguile us with their natural beauty.

The atmospheric world of pictures shot by Annett Oschmann – nartürlich fotografie goes right under our skin and is a feast for the senses.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0002purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0003purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0004purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0005purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0006purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0007purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0008purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0009purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0010purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0011purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0012purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0014purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0015purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0015apurple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0016purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0017purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0018purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0020purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0021purple-fall-bride-herbstbraut 0022


FOTOGRAFIE: nartürlich fotografie – Annett Oschmann
KLEID: Shein
KETTE: Sweat Pearls Design (dawanda)
BLUMEN: Blütenwerkstatt



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