Peach-Colored Impressions


Playfully the sun bores its way through the branches, awakening the blades of grass from sleep by tickling them. None of them should miss who will be passing by shortly.

A bride, naturally beautiful and elegantly graceful she stops on her way to luck to find herself again.

Enjoys the moment of silence in which the world seems to stop. Delicate companions in soft shades of peach won´t leave her side, staying faithfully nearby.

It´s amazing what Tina Hinterleitner of Hellbunt Events got out of this spacious meadow using just a few props: a dreamy scene aflamed with romantic light and carried by gorgeous details and stunning flowers.

Marie Bleyer is the incomparable photographer that captured this piece of art on her camera for us. Here you see a selection of her impressive pictures. What an invitation to dream away the day…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Marie Blyer Fotografie
DEKORATION + KONZEPT: Tina Hinterleitner von Hellbunt Events
BRAUTKLEID: Elfenkleid
RING: Nathalie Bleyer, Goldschmied
FLORISTIK: Blumenzimmer
PAPETERIE: Wald und Schwert
MODEL: Corina Laimer – Stella Models 




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