Natural Beauty, Flawless Elegance


Whimsically sunrays shine through the leaves of the trees, let her eyes shine and the golden jewelry in her hair sparkle.

Gracefully she lingers on a field path, majestically elegant.

Surrounded by the silence of nature and the grass along the way the lovely bridal bouquet in her hands is the only thing preventing her loneliness. What brought her here?

In real life model Emily isn´t lonely at all. „Recently Emily was wed at a breathtaking beach-side wedding” the talented photographer Lauren Peele told us.

She wanted her bridals to be very natural like her wedding was. She wore an amazing dress and she had a custom cape made of lace for the ceremony. Emily is an artist, and she even made her own bouquet.

We are deeply impressed by the beauty, the purity and the nativeness spread by the bride as well as the fascinating pictures shot by Lauren Peele. Don’t you feel the same?

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHER: Lauren Peele Photography
DRESS: Judd Waddell
HEADPIECE: Percy Handmade
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab



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