Marsala Wedding Inspirations

The table is set and invites to dine under the open sky. Nature itself was inspiration and decoration at the same time.

Proudly little cones hold up place cards, one takes place on the stub of a tree.

Wildly looking flowers adorn the table, nests made of branches cling carefully to delicious sweets and wholehearted berries set marsala-colored accents.

In this fantastic styled shoot designed by wedding planner Tina Hinterleitner from Hellbunt Events the trend color of 2015 recurs constantly: within the adorable floral wreath in the bride´s hair, as elegant bow tie around the groom´s neck, as curved calligraphy on amazing stationery or cute little vases on the sweet table – we find highlight after highlight.

With the talented photographer Marie Bleyer on her side and a gorgeously natural bridal couple Tina Hinterleitner created this stunning scenery to draw attention to this elegant yet modern color.

Now let´s get carried away by the wonderful pictures shot by Marie Bleyer and the powerful effect of “marsala”…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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ORGANISATION + DEKORATION: Tina Hinterleitner – Hellbunt Events
FOTOGRAFIE: Marie Bleyer Fotografie
ASSISTENZ: Anna-Katharina Bischof
HAARE + MAKE-UP: The Redhead
PAPETERIE: Project-Pinpoint
FLORISTIK: Sti(e)l & Stängel
SWEET TABLE: Kuchen mit Stil – The finest Pastry –
SCHMUCK: Rosa Marlene
RINGE: Studio Ne
LOCATION: Stadtflucht Bergmühle
MODELS: Hanna Wild + Bernardo Oliveira



project pinpoint-klein

    Project Pinpoint




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