Love in tender Pastel Shades


A tender golden ring adorns the bride´s hand. Her back is exposed, only halfway buttoned up. Yet somehow the dress doesn´t reveal too much. When she lifts her train we can see her silver sparkling summer shoes, perfectly made for dancing. Full of pleasant anticipation for this special day she spins around in her artful dress made of lace by the spanish designer Otaduy. Single freckles tell us about the sunlight.

Quail eggs and a grape hyacinth along with roots lay next to the herbal book from olden times. The ink of this nobly green pen melts into blank pages. Light pink blossoms attend the plant´s shades. For all the little secrets she is about to tell her future husband the bride put out a little notebook.

They chose a table decoration in restraining and tender colors of spring. Totally in terms of this season one doesn´t want to appear. Azure blue and turquoise-colored plates are matched to each other for every course. Drawings of dots and spots adorn the borders as well as the cutlery. Single feathers sink softly onto them.

The bride lies on a light blue silk cloth. Among tender blossoms in pale shades of pink.
Her eyes are closed. It´s like she fell into a flower field – and doesn´t want to get up again. Only her lover can persuade her to do something great. As soon as spring has come. As soon as he returns. Soon he will kiss her awake.

Picture-poet Melanie Nedelko impresses with her beautiful world of pictures that sets wonderful emotions and feelings free…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Melanie Nedelko
FLORISTIK: Fiona Seidl von FlowerUp
MAKE-UP + HAARE: Make-up Angie
SCHUHE: Jonak Paris
SCHMUCK: Freystil
TELLER: Feine Dinge und Anthroplogie
MODEL: Christina von Visage Models



melanienedelko-kleinneu  flowerup-klein

     Melanie Nedelko                     FlowerUp




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