Lamblike Elegance


Careful steps into the future, insecure and shy. Dressed all in white, innocent and breakable it causes quite a stir…

It?! Yes you heard right. Next to the graceful bride wearing a gorgeous dress made of satin with an alluring cleavage on the back this cute little lamb took everyone’s heart by storm – even ours!

The stunning chapel on Trump Winery was a dignified location for this plain yet elegant shooting. Shiny marble floors, impressive wall paintings and the perfect amount of artful embellishments came impressively into their own within the light-flooded interior of the chapel.

White candles and decent golden accents created a comforting warm atmosphere, wildly looking arrangements of flowers and grasses granted this moment a whiff of nativeness and freshness.

The team of Amore Events by Cody created breathtaking inspirations and impress with their talent and sense for beauty and creativity.

The fabulous impressions caught on unique pictures shot by the great fine art photographer Kristen Lynne.

And now get ready to be twisted around this little sheep’s finger and to be deduced by a gorgeous bride…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



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PHOTOGRAPHY: Kristen Lynne Photography
Venue: Trump Winery
FLORALS: Couture Design
GOWN: Aimee Lauren Atelier
HAIR: Brianna B Adams
MAKE-UP: Austin Burns at Moxie Salon
JEWELRY: Mallory Shelter
MODEL: Melanie Blankenship




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