Loose hair, her makeup is beautifully natural. An adorable wreath of pearls is her only accessory. She doesn´t need anything more, her dress speaks for itself.

A dreamlike dress made of tulle and organza; feathery and sheer it clings to her skin. Stunning, breathtaking, one-of-a-kind: model Florence Butterfly designed by Kaviar Gauche Papillon D´Amour.

Among the southern ambience of a wonderful finca on Majorca the stylists from Mallorca Princess and Ars Festum created an impressive scenery that proofed their own talents.

Skillfully they turned less into much to arrange a glamorous table with tasty bread, fresh fruits, selected oysters, delicate cheese and glimmering candle-light.

Combined with plain china, selected stationery and white linen on rustic woods it turned into a harmonic overall picture.

The great artist Tali Photography captured a fantastic variety on her camera for us. We are now honored to show you the most amazing impressions of this shooting.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0001kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0002kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0003kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0004kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0005kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0006kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0007kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0007akaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0032kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0008kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0008akaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0009kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0012kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0013kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0014kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0015kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0016kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0017kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0018kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0019kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0020kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0026kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0022kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0023kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0024kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0025kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0027kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0021kaviar-gauche-butterfly-mallorca 0029


FOTOGRAFIE: Tali Photography
KONZEPT + DESIGN + STYLING: Mallorca Princess + Ars Festum
KLEID: Bridal Coutre Kaviar Gauche Papillon D’Amour; Model Florence Butterfly
HAARSCHMUCK: Melinda Rose Design
PAPETERIE: Hochzeit mit Konzept
LOCATION: Villa Station, Ses Salines
MODEL: Laura




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