sensual lightness of being


With this adorable shooting near Gothenburg picture artist Kristina Malmqvist fully focused on natural beauty and timeless elegance.

The bride looks stunning in her delicate dress designed by the Swedish label Zetterberg Couture and underlines the simplicity and naturalness of this dreamlike shooting with her gorgeous style.

Kristina told: “Creamy, subtle and effortless are the words that came to mind when I thought of creating a styled wedding environment for this photo shoot. I wanted to step back and style something that wasn’t over the top. To find beauty in it’s simplicity is sometimes forgotten when planning a wedding.

Johanna did a beautiful job with modeling in a magical dress from Zetterberg Couture, an effortless but elegant creation with sewn silk chiffon and hand made lace. My purpose was to keep the beauty in the natural details and let her shine. Her look was together with a twist of sophisticated jewelry, made by Lily and Rose, who transferred my vision into the perfect reality.”

We´re totally fascinated by the expressive pictures shot by the talented photographer Kristina Malmqvist who lets us dream away the day…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0001johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0002johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0003johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0004johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0005johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0006johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0007johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0008johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0009johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0010johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0011johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0012johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0013johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0014johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0015johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0016johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0017johanna-nico-after-wedding-shoot-goeteborg 0018


PHOTOGRAPHY: Kristina Malmqvist Photography
WEDDING DRESS: Zetterberg Couture
HAIR: Peter Svensson
MAKE-UP: Johanna Lindqvist
JEWELRY: Lily and Rose
SHOES: Steptronic Footwear
FILM: Fuji400h
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab



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