Hugged By Love And Nature

Let’s say it’s summer. Let’s say a young couple wants to get married. She chose a white dress with a floor-length train. One with rough lace that draws blossoms onto her skin. Her makeup is restrained.

He wears an elegant dark suit with a pretty boutonnière while she carries a costly arranged bouquet made of red flowers and a silky bow.

Let’s say it’s almost fall. The sun roughly hugs some grape-vine in southern California. The couple strolls between the vines. They exchange shy kisses, their hands hold each other tightly like they had just met on the school yard. They’re standing under an ancient lamp waiting for the dawn to lighten up the bright building.

Now all vined are flagged and carry dark blue fruits. Let’s say is getting late, the sun hardly reaches the vines yet lets blossoms, fruits and the wite cloth on the harsh wooden table shine. Olive branches adorn each plate, the couple holds hands. They’re standing in the middle of nature. Unwatched moments of sweet togetherness.

Stefanie from Stefanie Miles Events impresses with her creativity and love she puts in her work to create this variety of inspirations. With their amazing world of pictures the photographers Sarah Kate and Joshua Aull catapult us now right into seventh heaven.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Joshua Aull Photography und Sarah Kate
EVENT DESIGN: Stefanie Miles Events
FLORAL DESIGN: Bows And Arrows
DRESS: Rue De Seine von The Dress Theory
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Rachelle Hali Of The Halcyon Agency
BOW TIE: Tom Ford
GROOM STYLING: Fresh & Polished
VENUE: Sunstone Winery



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