He loves me, he loves me not…

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me… Do you remember the dreams you had when you were a young girl? What will it be like meeting the love of your life?

Automatically you picture the most romantic moments, allow your phantasy full bent and feel like seventh heaven.

Suddenly there he is – THE one. Oh how wonderful it is to feel like home in his arms, you picked the blossom’s last leaf: he loves me!

Now the graceful bride floats across the clearing – lost in her thoughts but with a smile on her face…

With these amazing pictures shot by Elena Engels we sink into a fabulous mood lovingly hugged by sweet memories.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0001brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0002brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0003brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0004brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0005brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0006brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0007brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0008brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0009brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0010brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0011brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0012brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0013brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0014brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0015brautshooting-im-wald-blumenhaarkranz 0016

 © Elena Engels



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