Graceful Bride in a wheat field


Lighthearted she gets blown by the wind, becomes one with the nature surrounding her. Touching softly the ears on the field that bend with every gust of wind towards her.

Pure nature – this editorial by the incomparable photographer Melanie Nedelko focuses on the important things in the life of a bride: beauty, authenticity and charisma.

The untouched fields of Burg Liechtenstein formed a secluded framework that gained the graceful bride and her robe by Cortana on center stage.

Solely a gorgeous bouquet of flowers by Timo Bolte functioned as bridal jewelry to add to the picture.

Melanie Nedelko didn´t miss a single moment to press the button on her camera to capture inspiring poses and captivating impressions for us.


Text: Marina Jenewein

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Melanie Nedelko
GOWN: Cortana
HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Adriana Holban
LOCATION: Burg Liechtenstein
FILM SCANS: Carmencita Film Lab
MODEL: Eszter- Tempo Model




Melanie Nedelko








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