Goddess Of The Sea


Like a goddess she rises from the waves, queenly, gracefully and charming. The sea brought her here to find comfort, love and luck.

Carefully she explores her empire, leaving footprints in the warm sand. Her eyes run endlessly into the distance, hopefully and longingly. Will she ever find what she is looking for?

In her presence steep cliffs, craggy rocks and unpredictable waves become harmless, smooth and soft. Her appearance restrains their power.

It doesn´t need bright sunlight to make her eyes shine. Her charisma lets her golden body glimmer warm and elegant.

„For this shooting we were inspired by royalty, jewel tones and an untamed overcast Malibu beach setting.” Photographer Emma from Honey Honey Photography told.

„The breathtaking backdrop overlooking the soft waves and rocky shores – with light peeking through stormy hued clouds – was unique. A bouquet with overgrown and wild foliage was paired with deep hues to match her jewel tone lips. Her dress looked like it was dipped in gold, lace caressed her arms, complementing the neutral hues of sand and water.”

Here accured a very special atmosphere full of magic, glance and glamour at the beach of Malibu. Let´s get carefully carried away by the waves and dream away the day with these stunning pictures shot by photographer Emma from Honey Honey Photography

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Honey Honey Photography
FLOWERS: The English Garden
CAKES: Bottega Louie
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Jess Wilcox
BRIDESMAID DRESS: Alexandra Grecco
STYLING PROPS: Found Rentals
STYLIST: Sierra Ramke Of The Babushka Ballerina
BEACH: Malibu
MODEL: Laura Of Q Models LA




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