French Romance Wedding Inspirations


Silently we hear floor boards creaking, steps slowly coming closer. The double door opens and its puff of air lets candles flare. Tiptoeing she enters, the gracile ballerina and graceful bride.

The rooms are high and flawlessly white, precious stucco adorns the walls. This house subsists on its past, on the splendor and elegance of a bygone era.

The table is set splendidly for a bridal couple young and modern. Magnificent tulips and tender roses, finest crystal and massive wood, valuable silver and soft fabrics – here meets what belongs together.

Lovingly and with passion for details the event designer Lena and Kristina of Blue & Ivory created an adorable vintage-world and rounded it off with modern impacts.

With the wonderful photographer Jasmin Neidhart of Grace and Blush the two had a real artist on their side that captured their masterpiece skillfully on camera. 

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Grace and Blush
STATIONERY: Blue & Ivory
GOWNS: Kisui
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Michaela Klein
VEIL: Agnes Hart, Vintage style Wedding Headpieces
JEWELRY: Juwelier Kuhnle
VENUE: Private Business Club by Christoph Kuhnle
CHAIRS: provided by Loberon Outlet Burgfarrnbach
MODEL: Mia Kamleitner from Major Model Management



blue ivory-klein   zuckerlicht-klein

        Blue & Ivory                             Grace & Blush





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