From the depths of the forest an innocent and wispy being appears, embodying mother nature. A crown of ivy adorns her head, while her long brown hair lays gently on her shoulders.

A delicate whiff of violet fabric flatters her silhouette, underlining every of her elfish gestures. On a moss-covered stone she takes a seat, to rest, to dream, to meditate.

Smilingly she gets lost in a love letter, its words touch her soul and embrace her heart. Giving her hope and confidence to find love among the forest´s solitude.

Photographer Dorelies Hofer brought us some feathery inspirations from a recent shoot.

With her bride wearing an elegant dress by edeltrautsich available via edelcorner and valuable jewelry by Juvelan she found a piece of lonesome forest and turned it into the stage of her imaginative bridal inspirations with a twist.

See for yourselves and get enchanted by the magical pictures shot by Dorelies Hofer

Translation: Marina Jenewein


waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0001 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0002 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0003waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0013
waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0005 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0006 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0007 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0008 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0010 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0012waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0004
waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0014 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0015 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0015a waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0015b waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0016 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0017 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0018 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0019 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0020 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0021 waldzauber-braut-lilatoene_0022


PHOTOGRAPHER: Dorelies Hofer
DRESS: edeltrautsich available via edelcorner
JEWELRY: Juvelan











          Dorelies Hofer                      Juvelan



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