Fancy Boho Bride 


Quite accidentally her wavy hair lies on one shoulder, her eyes look blithe and easy. Among the light of a rising sun she gets ready for a day on the countryside.

Delicate lace and finest tulle underline her petite silhouette. Warming rays of a midday sun shine through the bushes, giving her skin a velvety glance.

In the light of dawn she sets off. With a blooming bouquet in her hand and endless luck in her sights she leaves, directly into the horizon´s magical play of colors.

Romantically flickering candles, some gorgeous props, a handful magnificent flowers and a beautiful bride whose subtle make-up underlined her natural type and accented her wonderful eyes were the ingredients for these moody inspirations.

Make-up artist Jasmine Hoffman did a great job and created this perfect bridal styling. All Simply Sweet Photography had to do was waiting for the right moments to press the button. Lay back and enjoy this day on the countryside.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Simply Sweet Photography
MAKE-UP: Jasmine Hoffman
HAIR: Cara Bunnie
JEWELRY: Jeweliette
DRESS: Bisoubridal




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