Ethereal seaside inspirations


The sky seems to burn with passion, the light is slowly dying in the ocean. A sea breeze comes up, internalizing silky fabrics and soft hair.

Foamingly waves crush the coast, giving this magical atmosphere its fascinating sound.

As powerful as nature might be as breakable this delicate being seems to be: an elegant bride, graceful and sophisticated. Covered in noble white, adorned with pearls and lace.

Here at the coast of Galveston, Texas, the fantastic stylist Katy from Without Wax, Katy created together with a talented team breathtaking moments full of exciting contrasts on her camera.

Obviously effortlessly the great photographer Jenna McElroy succeeded in illustrating a bride´s feelings with a fantastic cue state and the thundering waves. Here we have some of her stunning pictures for you.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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STYLING & FLORALS: Katy Bohls with Without Wax, Katy
CALLIGRAPHY: Whitney Farnsworth
GOWN WITH BEADED TOP: Rebecca Schoneveld
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Andrea Juarez
FILM LAB: PhotoVision
MODEL: Irena Kukh




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