Elegant Farm wedding


Cautiously the natural bride takes one step after the other. Naked and vulnerable her feet find their way through dewed grass and into her future.

It feels too good to be true. It looks too perfect to be real. It smells too delicious to be sincere.

The following pictures shot by the incomparable photographers Dana and Zak from Henry + Mac show how wonderfully idyllic country life and how amazingly romantic a down-to-earth farm-wedding can be.

Grazing sheep meet dreamlike robes. Untouched nature meets classic elegance. Rustic nibbles meet high-class wine. Contrasts could not be bigger yet they are bringing each other into prominence and revaluing one another.

Here are never seen before inspirations, colors and impressions combined and assembled in an authentically colourful world designed by the experienced stylist Alix Childs.

„We shot at this idyllic Beetlebung Farm, known for it’s impromptu “Greenhouse Dinners” where the menu is literally picked from the day’s freshest crops. The gowns from Rue de Seine and Delphine Manivet worked so nicely in this space – with the stunning laces and silks bringing a sense of richness and romance but still feeling very down to earth and relatable. Nearly everything at the shoot was island-grown, from the florals, to the salad greens, to the sheep –even the letter-pressed pieces were created just a couple miles away!” Henry + Mac are still raving about this event.

Prepare yourselves to get surprised by adorable details, immeasurable nature and tasty delicacies captured skilfully on camera by Henry + Mac


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WEDDING DRESS + ACCESSOIRES + STYLING: Alix Childs – Ceremony Bridal Shop (dress designer: Rue de Seine and Delphine Manivet)
VENUE + FOOD/DRINK: Beetlebung Farm
FLORALS: Tea Lane Farm
HAIR: Stacey Kuehn
MAKE-UP: Blush Wedding Day / Tryst Studio





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