DREAMLIKE Lace Dresses By Emily Riggs


Gentle hills snuggle up, soft and smooth they blend into each other. Dreamy light bathes them in magical mood, revives three beautiful elves.

Gracile beings float tenderly across the landscape; thrilling lace is all that veils their silhouettes.

These dresses underline their purity and elegance, floor-length and white. Adorable flowers from Tinge Floral set fresh tones and shine in new splendor within their hands.

Emily Riggs stands for beguiling and tempting robes as well as breathtakingly beautiful designs. Her dresses reveal some details but leave even more to imagination…

Together with the great photographer Michael Radford designer Emily Riggs travelled to „The Painted Hills” in Oregon, USA, to put three of her most amazing designs in perspective.

A landscape like it was painted and dresses to die for – we couldn´t pick a favorite. See for yourselves and try the impossible!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0001painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0002painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0003painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0004painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0006painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0007painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0008painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0008apainted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0008bpainted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0009painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0010painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0012painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0013painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0014painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0015painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0015apainted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0016painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0017painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0018painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0019painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0020painted-hills-emily-riggs-bridaldresses 0021


PHOTOGRAPHY: Michael Radford Photography
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Beth Level
FLORALS: Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral




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