Dreamlike Bridal Inspirations


The last few hours before the wedding change a life. After going straight ahead for longer times you come to a crossing. A new path is waiting to lead you, and you don´t have to follow it by yourself.

Yet there are moments where you want to be alone, to abandon thoughts, to fade out sorrows. That´s why this bride came to this lonely beach and to preserve her freedom. But the wind blows away her worries, leaving her hopefully and strong behind.

The sun goes down, soon they get started. She enjoys the view, counts the minutes. Feels nature underneath her feet, breathes deeply in and out. One more time she looks onto the water, turns around and follows her way. Now she feels certain: Yes, she does.

It is hard to believe that these wonderful pictures were shot at the admired Neusiedler See. Fine gravel and craggy rocks, dead water despite a light breeze, abandoned jetties and an imposing lighthouse – the beach of Podersdorf seems to be the perfect backdrop for dreamlike bridal shootings like this!

The great filmphotographer Theresa Wey knew about this potential and got inspired to this adorable shooting. Here she shares the most beautiful pictures of the day with us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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FOTOGRAFIE: Theresa Wey Photography
KLEID: Heyday
HEADPIECE: Verhutung
MAKE-UP: Sarah Schiller Make-up Artist
MODEL: Luise
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab



heyday neu-klein






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