Desert Beauty


Endlessly her eyes wander across the landscape to end up on mountains far away. Over grasses and bushes, through tall trees and huge rocks, always towards the sun. Cautiously she steps onto the path in front of her, long and even. Where will it take her?

She looks breakable, filigree and delicate. Lost in thoughts and devoutly she follows the path. Will she measure up with what comes up?

Her attendants: a full-length dreamlike white dress made of lace and tulle, softly blowing in the wind. And a stunning flower bouquet, opulent and wild, made of roses, leaves and wild blackberries. Symbol of what lies ahead?

A girl´s journey of becoming a bride and her feelings inspired the photographers Joshua Aull and Sarah Kate Photo to this amazing shoot.

In an impressive way they captured big emotions, vivid colors, breathtaking lights and the unique landscape with its untouched beauty on camera. See for yourselves and get carried away by the expressive world of pictures shot by Joshua Aull and Sarah Kate Photo

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY + STYLING: Joshua Aull and Sarah Kate Photo
FLORALS: Isari Floral Studio + Event Design
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Beauty by Stacey




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