Charity and Luke – Sunrise on Isle of Palms


Isn´t it a fantastic idea to get out of bed when the sun rises and birds start chirping to enjoy the day´s first sunrays and the wonderful atmosphere on a lonely beach?

At the dreamlike beach of Isle of Palms – South Carolina – Charity and Luke let the waves caress their feet and experience intimate and vivid moments of togetherness.

Charity wears a pretty jumpsuit designed by the Hawaiian designer Joelle Perry. For this piece of fashion Joelle got inspired by her mother and used a beautiful fabric with velvet roses on it.

Handmade oyster-candles, starfish and a basket full of shells complete the ocean atmosphere.

A breathtaking eye-catcher is Charitys opulently created bridal bouquet by LB Floral in tender shades of peach and white combined with lush green – doesn´t it look amazing?

The talented photographers Kathleen and Joe from JoPhoto caught light and mood on camera and turned them into a fantastic and fascinating world of pictures for us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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STYLING: Honeybee Events
MODELS: Real Couple Charity + Luke
LOCATION: Isle of Palms, public beach, South Carolina

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