Canal Rocks Elopement


The smoking fits, his bow is tied. His eyes shine bright, looking expectantly into the future. All there´s left for him to do is to wait…

Waiting for HER to blow his mind: curly hair easily pinned up, with natural make-up and a perfect bridal bouquet in a stunning dress to die for. She´s ready, ready to release him from waiting.

Surrounded by rocks and the whooshing ocean they are a beautiful yet rare sight. Elegant, classy and modern they steel this magical backdrop its show. Their wedding is exceptional, intimate, familiar and sincere.

“Elopements are such a unique and personal way for a Bride and Groom to commit themselves to each other,” photographer Katie Grant raves about this kind of wedding.

“Rather than focusing on and catering to guests, the bride and groom get to have a day that is entirely focused on their love and commitment to one other. The day can be uniquely theirs and truly reflect their style and spirit.”

Photographer Katie Grant assembled her most amazing impressions of this shooting for bridal couples who toy with the idea of getting married all alone.

But even those of you who dream about a romantic beach wedding or a intimate after-wedding-shooting at the beach will find their inspirations right here.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Katie Grant Photography
GOWN: Houghton NYC
SALON: The Bridal Atelier
FLORALS: Natural Art Flowers
MAKE-UP: Kristy Ellen Creative





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