By the Sea and Sand


A little rising leads onto a dune. A foam blanket covers up the ocean. Seagulls are gliding across like on a coat of ice โ€“ they are only centimeters away from getting dragged under. Their cries are audible from kilometers away. The wet sand is scarred by tracks like a well known path. Nobody knows where they end up. Yet there are signs.

Among this idyllic scenery there is this table. A big white blanket swallows it up. Little blossoms adorn the head end. Next to them you find plain plates with blue pattern. Dark and light blue glasses break the purity that the cushioned chairs offset. Melancholy meets ecstasy: the one cannot exist without the other.

The bride looks at us with her dreamy glance. A necklace made of little leaves peppered with silver small stones adorns her head. The groom wears white, too. He carries his wife across the soft sand. Only her lovingly arranged bridal bouquet in shades of orange is supposed to tell us about luck and impulsivity that love implies. The bride puts on a scarf of flowers.

Not far away she meets her maid of honor. The friends cuddle up, they support each other. Far in the distance the sun goes down. One last look onto the foam blanket in the water, the sea gulls are heading towards the horizon. They escaped the depth. Time has come to approach the lovers. Right here next to the ocean they come to a decision that will last forever.

We are huge fans of the remarkable picture poet Coco Tran! Her artful worlds of pictures are full of magic and caress our souls…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


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DESIGN AND PLANNING: Daniel von Oliveta Design
FLORALES DESIGN: Tulipina Floral Design
HEADPIECES: Lacielle Roselle
MODELS: Michael and Brittany




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